Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Malay Mail: Remembering a legend

THE late Sudirman may be Malaysia's legendary pop star. Not only did he have big dreams but he was a unique and determined man.

With songs that strike a chord with every Malaysian, whether they are rich or poor, Sudirman sung songs that spoke about everyday people and their lives.

Recently, AETN All Asia Networks collaborated with the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), to share with viewers the leg­endary story of the talented Sudirman Arshad via the History Channel (Astro 555).

Although Sudirman lived a hard childhood life, that experience was enough to fuel his journey to stardom in the coming years ahead.

He became a creative force that could not be capped, adamant and above all, presented himself effica­ciously.

Known for his skills to perform clas­sic Malay songs and later with the influence of Hollywood Broadway songs, Sudirman gave his audience a wonderful blend of entertainment in the late '80s that escalated his popu­larity to great heights.

"Sudirman is a true Malaysian icon whose legendary talents are loved throughout the region. Despite his personal struggles, he managed to achieve stardom in the short span of his career.

"Many people will be able to identify with his life story, thereby making his achievements all the more admirable. We are very pleased to have been able to collaborate with FINAS, and their support has helped us do justice in the retelling of this legend's story," said Louis Bo­swell, general manager of AETN All Asia Networks.

As many would know, Sudirman was not only a brilliant singer but he also dabbled in acting, hosting as well as being an avid cartoonist during his career as a celebrity.

"FINAS is very proud to be part of this inspiring production. Sudirman was a professional artiste who lived, worked and ultimately died for his craft, his country and his fans.

"He changed the Malaysian entertainment industry with his quirky fashion sense and charismatic on-stage perfor­mance never before seen in Malaysia. This documentary aptly reveals why Sudirman was so well-loved and why his legend will continue to live on," said Mohd Mahyidin Mustakim, director general of FINAS.

 Having created many his­torical moments during his life as an all-rounded artiste; not only was he the first Malaysian to perform at London's Royal Albert Hall, which he took home the trophy for Best Singer during the Inaugural Asian Popular Music Awards in 1989 but Sudirman also made history when he was and has always been the only Malaysian entertainer to have a 'live' concert at the popular Chow Kit Road.

Step into the life of Sudirman Ar­shad as we follow his journey as Ma­laysia's most remembered talent on History Channel (Astro 555) premier­ing this Sunday at 10pm.

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